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Db4o via Maven

I couldn’t find the correct maven deps for db4o if you use transparent activation … so here you are: To use TA while build time you need the following snippet in your pom.xml: And you will need to configure db4o ala Thanks to ptrthomas! … without his nice explanation I woudn’t got it working. <plugin> … Continue reading

Tss … Maven

I don’t know whats going on, but after building my TimeFinder app and cleaning the repository before, then maven downloaded a lot of jars. Maybe too much? A picture is worth a thousand words: Again: one build/application!

Evolution of Build Systems

As always I would like to know where I was correct and where the picture has holes or even mistakes. You could use the comment functionality to make suggestions! And check this post for a buildr vs. gradle comparison.

hibernate.cfg.xml settings for derby, oracle and h2

GraphHopper – A Java routing engine karussell ads It took me some time to collect the hibernate.cfg.xml data which is necessary for derby, oracle and h2. So here are the default settings for those databases: Apache Derby (network) You start the network server and specify the following options in the script:Linux: DERBY_OPTS=”-Dij.driver=org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver -Dij.protocol=jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/ -Dij.user=admin -Dij.password=admin” … Continue reading

Code Quality Tools in Java

There are several tools to measure the code quality of my free timetabling software TimeFinder. Here are the tools I tried with success: FindBugs (latest version 1.3.8) – uses static analysis to look for bugs in Java code. This is a great tool, it discovered possible NullPointerExceptions and a lot more bugs in my projects. … Continue reading

Further with Maven and WebStart (jnlp)

If you want no server side setup for webstart all your clients must have a java version greater than java6 update 10 (the naming convention gets too complicated now, mr. sun! …) For ubuntu 8.04 see my last blog entry how to install this java version. All you need to do in our maven set-up … Continue reading

Maven and WebStart (jnlp)

If you plan to deploy your maven application via webstart you are a lucky man, because this is easy if you know how to do it ;-) I tried it without success, but then Geoffrey with his networktools came to my rescue. Now TimeFinder is jnlp-enabled. The following steps were necessary: create a new folder … Continue reading

JavaFX and Maven

There is a post which discusses all the details about how to set up JavaFX in a maven project (compiling etc). For my timefinder project I only need a solution where I can use a JavaFX-jar within my maven project. This is a little bit faster to achieve: First, be sure you set up JavaFX … Continue reading