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A world without RSS would not hurt

This post is a quick reply to the post RSS Is Dying, and You Should Be Very Worried. I really like rss reader. I have a lot of subscriptions to blogs. But I don’t think that RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has a future, simply because there will be at least one service similar to twitter. … Continue reading

Xvantage – Yet Another Xml Serializer!

In one of my last posts I listed some xml serializers and binding tools. After trying XStream, JAXB, XmlEncoder, Apache Digester and X2JB I decided to create another one: xvantage! Why yet another xml tool? To make it clear: At the moment xvantage is in its early stage (one week old) and I hacked it … Continue reading

Xml Serializers For Java

At the moment I know only some xml serializers with different capabilities to write an object to an xml file and retrieve it back from it: JDK classes (XmlEncoder and XmlDecoder) XStream (BSD license) The Simple project (Apache License 2.0) it even handles cycles. Apache Digester (Apache license) can only read xml. To write xml … Continue reading

IE 8 Accelerator

I don’t like IE8 (*), but for a customer of mine I had to create the xml for an accelerator. See here for more info: Now the point I created this blog entry: Use always the same url! Use e.g. in <os:homepageUrl> AND in ALL the action attributes of <os:preview> and … Continue reading

Object Oriented, Relational Databases and XML

A long time I invested to explore the project called Datanucleus where you can use object oriented DBs like db4o, relational DBs like derby or just XML files as datasource! Thats fantastic and open source :-). You can find more implementations of JDO here. Other resources: Derby is a good database, which could pass ACID … Continue reading


OOXML is now ISO standard! OOXML will divide the (internet) communication into a Microsoft-world and the rest. With the doc-format MS started the ‘way of division’ and now they will be successful!? “Finally I call on users all around the world to look to Norway and follow the example we have set. Raise a storm … Continue reading

Relax NG

For my open source timetabling application (gstpl) I want to create a file format. There are some standard timetabling formats, but none of them is easy and general. I decided to use a schema to validate the created xml file. Checking the well-formedness is easy, but for validation you need to define a grammer, i.e.define … Continue reading