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Java on iPhone or iPad

What options do I have to make my Java application working on the iPhone? It should not be necessary to jailbreak the phone. Also UI is not necessary for now although e.g. codenameone seems to support it. My application it not a complicated one, but uses Java 1.5 (generics etc) and e.g. memory mapped files. … Continue reading

Rage Against the Android #eclipse

Developing Android applications on Linux with Eclipse sometimes can get really ugly. Sadly neither NetBeans which has a really nice Android plugin, but cannot execute a single test nor IDEA can rescue me or make me switching :( but probably they wouldn’t rescue me due to problems of Android development kit itself – I’m not … Continue reading

Viewing hprof from android with jvisualvm

Add an additional permission to your app <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” /> to your manifest Create hprof protected void onDestroy() { super.onDestroy(); try { Debug.dumpHprofData(“/sdcard/data.hprof”); } catch (Exception e) { Log.e(“xy”, “couldn’t dump hprof”); } } or alternatively create a hprof file with: adb shell ps | grep yourpackage; adb shell kill -10 pid Get the hprof … Continue reading