Java6 update10 on Ubuntu 8.04

For ubuntu 8.04 there is no Java6 update10 supported
But you can download the .deb file here (- no WARRANTY for the files and not for this tip …)

Then install them via -I used the lasted 13:

 sudo dpkg -i sun-java6-bin_6-13-1_i386.deb sun-java6-jre_6-13-1_all.deb
 sun-java6-plugin_6-13-1_i386.deb sun-java6-jdk_6-13-1_i386.deb

Verify your installation via:
java -version
javac -version
javaws -version
=> 1.6.0_13

You can switch java versions (e.g. between openjdk and sun) via:
sudo update-alternatives –config java
sudo update-alternatives –config javac

You should now be able to download the latest alpha version of timefinder, where I used pack200 without a special server set-up! See more details in the next post.


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