TimeFinder-Planner a Primitive MigCalendar Alternative?

Yesterday I annouced a new version of TimeFinder. With that version a new and very simple component called TimeFinder Planner is included and can be easily integrated into an existing Swing or Spring RC project. It is already mavenized but I can deploy a full jar if necessary.

Of course it is not as feature reach as MigCalendar, but  you can use it as a read only calendar component in you own apps – it is Open Source (Apache License 2), small (<30KB) and has only relative few dependencies (~1MB). It supports ‘conflicting’ events, i.e. if events would be at the same time.

Look here for some screenshots in my TimeFinder application:

At the same time you can ‘zoom’ into one event simply via the “mouse over” action. And it should be able to handle any possibility of conflicts (overlapping events):

The performance should be also good even for a lot of events per week (independent from all events!). This cannot be seen in a screenshot but you can try TimeFinder and import the data of JavaOne 2009 via the ‘File’ menu item. Look here for the video explanation.

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