OOXML is now ISO standard!

OOXML will divide the (internet) communication into a Microsoft-world and the rest. With the doc-format MS started the ‘way of division’ and now they will be successful!?

Finally I call on users all around the world to look to Norway and follow the example we have set. Raise a storm of protest! Uncover the irregularities that have taken place in your country! Insist that your Governments change their vote to reflect the interests of ordinary people and not the interests of monopolists and bureaucrats.” — Steve Pepper

So, nevertheless go to and see the reasons, why OOXML shouldn’t be a standard.


Relax NG

For my open source timetabling application (gstpl) I want to create a file format. There are some standard timetabling formats, but none of them is easy and general.

I decided to use a schema to validate the created xml file. Checking the well-formedness is easy, but for validation you need to define a grammer, i.e.define what tags (and attributes) should be possible and which combinations.

There are three main schema types: DTD, XML Schema and Relax NG (.dtd, .xsd and .rng/.rnc). The first one is not so powerful, so perhaps it is better to use XML Schema. There are a lot of editors like “NetBeans XML” which can handle the validation of XML Schema and even the schema creation from within the editor. There is a graphical editor available:

NetBeans XML DesignerNetBeans XML Editor

For Relax NG I didn’t find such a good and free editor easily for linux, although I could write alot faster with Relax NG. E.g. in XML Schema you need:

<xs:element name=”Header”>
<xs:sequence> …

In Relax NG you only need one line:

<element name=”Header”>

And attributes are handled compareable to elements – in this way you can define e.g. that either a tag ‘test’ or an element ‘test’ should exist:


<element name=”test”><text/></element>

<attribute name=”test”><data type=”string”/></attribute>


I found no way to define it in XML Schema.

Now here are some editors:

  • XML Copy Editor RelaxNG editing and validation (no support for compact style)
  • Etna (only xml editor where you ensure that the created xml is valid against some given schemas)
  • nXML addon for emacs

some (extern) validators:

  • jing compact and xml style
  • rnv only compact style
  • relax ng + XML Schema via Sun Multi-Schema XML Validator (MSV), select
  • relax ng with embedded schematron constraints via MSV, select

some (extern) conversation tools:

  • via MSV (select you can create a relax ng file from various schemas types.
  • trang (could even create a schema from a given example xml – I didn’t tried it)
  • relaxer is a compiler to generate various artifacts from a schema (download version 1.0), could even create a schema from a given example xml – it works!! A lot more intersting features are provided.

some tools:

  • via MSV (select you can create xml files from various schemas types. To have some test instances of the created schema.
  • XML Schema Datatypes implementation via MSV (select to use XML Schema Part 2

So after creating my schema in relax ng (this was really faster then with XML Schema) I can convert it into XML Schema. Then NetBeans offers a JAXB Binding (schema to java code) for XML Schemas:

NetBeans JAXB Binding Dialog

(You have to install the whole netbeans – I think the xml + soa stuff??)