How I found the Googloson and why it has negative Energy

I have finally found the Googloson with my self-made Small Googtron Collidor (SGC) – I even had the time to make a photo of it to show you that it is not a fake (see below).

Everyone will say I’ve gimped that, but no, I didn’t. Really. I have developed a theoretical proof of the existence of the Googloson. Let me show you …

There was a lot of hype around Google+ in the last months, so regarding success we can  safely assume that:

Google+ << Google

We can only satisfy the equation when we introduce the variable g:

Google + g << Google

g << 0

Without any mistake we can set 0 to 0eV which is of course equivalent to success. We obviously found some thing with negative energy. In fact, my latest experiments show how big g is and of what kind! It is not in the range of MeV it is in the range of googolplex eV!

And because the number of cups on my SGC is 8 (an integer) we have found a boson – a so-called Googloson.


Now it is up to the reader to give an interpretation of why g is negative. In my future research I’ll try to use g to identify the Higgs boson or even Marshmallows!