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Jetslide uses ElasticSearch as Database

GraphHopper – A Java routing engine karussell ads This post explains how one could use the search server ElasticSearch as a database. I’m using ElasticSearch as my only data storage system, because for Jetslide I want to avoid maintenance and development time overhead, which would be required when using a separate system. Be it NoSQL, … Continue reading

My Links for Apache Solr 1.4

Here is my Solr/Lucene Link list. Last update: Oct’ 2010 Solr Feature and Get Started Overview Solr FAQ, Solr Articles, Solr Wiki ApacheCon Lucid Works reference guide cheat sheet from a stackoverflow user Analyzers, Tokenizers, Token Filters Auto suggestion: via ngram, the jetwick method like described here or TermsComponent and ShingleFilter One link in the … Continue reading