Twitter Search Tools and more. #Archive #FriendSearch #Trends

There is an overwhelming number of tools for twitter: url shorteners like, web clients like but today I would like to show you twitter tools which are good to search tweets, lets you archive them, display trends and more. I picked tools which could be useful when you are looking only for relevant information without noise. Let me know your favourites to get news out of Twitter!

For the Twitter search tools I always made a quick test to get a feeling how much noise these tools can filter away and only two tools out of a dozen – see below – made it easy to find the following news one day later:

The tools are

  1. Jetwick – Free to use (Caution: I’m the developer)
  2. – Freemium (Caution: it required a bit selecting of the appropriated days to got the news)

Twazzup and What The Trend also showed the news I was looking for, but the news weren’t in their displayed tweets – they also display blogs and google news in a separate widget :). To my surprise in SocialMention and Bing Social Search the security news didn’t pop up, but other news important to java developers occur. So, give it a shot. The problem for the other search engines was that they mostly cover the real time tweets only and do not provide a lot of useful filters and some of the search tools simply were not designed for this task.

I’ve splitted the tools in the following subgroups:

  1. Searching & Archiving
  2. Searching
    • The Giants under the Twitter Searches
  3. Archiving
  4. Cool Tools

1 Searching & Archiving

The Archivist

  • Archive a search; Trending URLs; Top Users
  • Alexa rank: 13k
  • Login required to archive, Free to use

Tweet Nest


  • Open Twitter Search without Noise; Sort against retweets; Lets you show only relevant tweets since the last login; Archiving and Searching of any users’ tweets; Search friends only; Filters for duplicate reduction, language or a distinct day
    More Features …
  • Open Source which makes it suitable to do your own research on twitter
  • Alexa rank: 400k
  • Login optional, Free to use

2 Searching



  • Searches Blogs, Twitter, MySpace, News, Images, …
  • Alexa rank: 5k
  • Without Login, Free to use


  • Searches Blogs, Twitter, … Every Search shows Top Keywords and Users
  • Alexa rank: 7k
  • Without Login, Free to use



  • Twitter directory (‘Twitter yellow pages’)
  • Alex rank: 9k
  • Login optional, Free to use

Trendistic / HashTags

What The Trend




  • Search ‘historic’ tweets; Search local business; Map the relationships between you and other users
  • Created from the
  • Alexa rank: 88k
  • Login required,Freemium





  • Search local business
  • Alexa rank: 331k
  • Does not work at the moment?? As of Feb 2011





  • Twitter Search which shows related search
  • Alexa rank: 1600k
  • Login optional, Free to use


  • Search within your friends’ tweets
    More Features?
  • Alexa rank: 1800k
  • Login required, Free to use


The Giants under the Twitter Searches

3 Archiving


Twapper Keeper




4 Cool Tools


  • Search Twitter Users; Up vote users (not tweets)
  • Alexa rank: 6k
  • Login optional, Freemium



  • Trends; Stats for your account
  • Alexa rank: 21k
  • Without login, Free to use

Twitaholic ( TwitterCounter )

  • Most popular users and twitter stats
  • Alexa rank: 23k
  • Login optional, Free to use

What the HashTag?

  • User-editable encyclopedia for hashtags found on Twitter – this way you can find the meaning of a hashtag – Similar to find origin of jetwick
  • Alexa rank: 45k
  • Login optional, Free to use




The Cadmus


Twitter Power Search

  • Multi Widget View; Determining Trends; filter Audio/Video
  • Alexa rank: 1110k
  • Without login, Free to use