Java Tweets of the last Week, 14th February #Lucene #ElasticSearch #Solr

Now as jetwick stabilizes again here are some Java tweets which are easy to collect also for other topics like lucene (see below), netbeans etc:

  1. Search for the term you are interested in. If you want to make sure jetwick collects all results from one week: login and save your search.
  2. Then select the first (2nd, 3rd, …) day of the week or page through the results which are sorted against retweets
  3. Click on Export as ‘html’ under the results to copy & paste some of the tweets into your document.
    Then click browsers’ back-button and proceed with the next day or page. Ask me if you have problems…

Here are the collected tweets – did I missed some important news?

Java & Search: Lucene / Solr / ElasticSearch