Get more Friends on Twitter with Jetwick

Obviously you won’t need a tool to get more friends aka ‘following’ on twitter but you’ll add more friends when you tried our new feature called ‘friend search’. But let me start from the beginning of our recent, major technology shift for jetwick – our open source twitter search.

We have now moved the search server forward to ElasticSearch (from Solr) – more on that in a later post. This move will hopefully solve some data actuality problems but also make more tweets available in jetwick. All features should work as before.

To make it even more pleasant for you my fellow user I additionally implemented the friend search with all the jetwicked features: sort it against retweets, filter against language, filter away spam and duplicates …

Update: you’ll need to install jetwick

Try it on your own

  1. First login to jetwick. You need to ~2 minutes until all your friends will be detected …
  2. Then type your query or leave it empty to get all tweets
  3. Finally select ‘Only Friends’ as the user filter.
  4. Now you are able to search all the tweets of the people you follow.
  5. Be sure you clicked on without duplicates (on the left) etc. as appropriated

Here  the friend search results when querying ‘java’:

And now the normal search where the users rubenlirio and tech_it_jobs are not from my ‘friends’:

You don’t need to stay on-line all the time – jetwick automagically grab the tweets of your friends for you. And if you use the relaxed saved searches, then you’ll also be notified for all changes in you homeline – even after days!

That was the missing puzzle piece for me to be able to stay away from twitter and PC – no need to check every hour for the latest tweets in my homeline or my “twitter – saved searches”.

Jetwick is free so you’ll only need to login and try it! As a side effect of being logged in: your own tweets will be archived and you can search them though the established user search. With that user search you can use twitter as a bookmark application as I’m already doing it … BTW: you’ll notice the orange tweet which is a free ad: just create a tweet containing #jetwick and it’ll be shown on top of matching searches.

Another improvement is (hopefully) the user interface for jetwick, the search form should be more clear:

before it was:

and the blue logo should now look a bit better, before it was:

What do you think?


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