Hootsuite gets a Challenger

We are pleased to announce that starting from today you can save searches.

Go to jetwick.com. Login. Do a search. Save it with the rss icon:

BTW: we’ve redefined RSS to “relaxed saved searches” šŸ˜‰

Hmmh, ok. Nothing new, you might think. Twitter allows you to do the same: saving searches. And e.g. Hootsuite is really good to store several searches too. I must admit that jetwick isn’t a big challenger, because it isn’t as proven and well tested, doesn’t have a solid user base etc

But: neither twitter nor hootsuite allows you to sort the tweets by number of retweets or language, right?

With jetwick you now can save your favourite searches and come back after days. Read only tweets that are important.

One example

if I would have to follow the twitter search for ‘java’ I would get hundreds of tweets per hours. So, logically I cannot read them all and to be honest: I never read them. It gets even worse when I do not visit twitter for days (yeah thats really possible). But I also do not want to miss the most important tweets. And thats where jetwick comes into the game which allows you to do exactly that: define a search important to you, sort or filter against retweets or language, and then stay informed after days. The saved search will display in the gray brackets the number of new tweets, calculated from the last search. It will update this count in a regular interval if you left the browser window open.

Jetwick even allows you to search an account and filter this for a keyword. This is especially usefull for an account with a lots of tweets like heiseonline:

And whats best about this all: jetwick is free software. Get the Java sources or join the team to make jetwick even more exciting and useful!