Fun and some important Dev-Tweets of the last week, 11th October

Let us start with the fun tweets. Ok, this week a lot Java bashing tweets, but I like them!

  • maven 3 is out. It now lets you download the internet even faster than before.

  • The world needs to stop hyping “html5” as though it’s markup alone that builds rich web apps. It makes JavaScript angry.

  • “JavaScript is the only language that people feel they dont need to learn before they start using it.” – Crockford

  • Little known fact: JavaScript also has an isNaaN() function for when you aren’t sure if you’re working with Indian food

  • I have seen an app with SQL code in the *views*, looked like a java coder was given a php book and told to make a rails app.

  • Matz on #ruby speed: Build your website in Ruby until you have more traffic than Twitter, then use your riches to hire Java programmers.

  • OH: “Java is just a DSL for turning XML into core dumps.”

  • judging Clojure/Lisp by its parens is like judging Java by its classpath

And last but not least some intersting infos:

Of course this list isn’t complete! So, watch out for more fun and infos at twitter and contact me or comment if you want to add it here or for the next week.