Important Java Tweets of the last Week

First, a funny news from Feliz Dia Do Programador! Look at this wikipedia link to understand the tweet.



    @al3x Maybe the JDK 7 release date keeps changing because java.util.Date is mutable?
    Maybe it’s hard to predict when JDK 7 will ship because they’re using java.util.Date in their automated prediction system?
    To sum up Java 7’s plan: it won’t have lambdas unless it will in which case it might not.
    If you need to use Java, you should be using Scala. If you don’t need to use Java – then you have options.

Now some funny tweets from today:

    I chatted with a friend about Java other day. Oracle charged me $10 for that.
    Struts2 + Velocity = the type safety of Rails + the verbosity of Java.
    va de nuevo para los programadores:¿Quien fue el primer programador de la historia? Pedro Picapiedra por que dominaba el Java Daba Duu

Subjective selected via ‘many retweets‘ at jetwick/?q=java. There is also an option to find the origin of any query, which I tried really hard for every tweet. So now I hope I always found the original author of the tweet!


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