NetBeans 6.9 Released!

NetBeans 6.9 released yesterday and you can download it here (here is faster).

Watch the introductory screencasts, read about new features or take a loot at the tutorials for 6.9

The wiki page provides some more details about the latest features. Lots of enhancements in the areas of JavaFX, php, ruby, OSGi …. So, try it out!

But the UML reverse engineering does not work in 6.9 too … 😦

4 thoughts on “NetBeans 6.9 Released!

  1. So how does it works to “politically” get UML to work. Right now I have to rely on external software for the UML parts AND of course looking at JDeveloper but I find Netbeans neat and tight in almost every aspect but UML is A MUST! So when it’s gone they can’t monitor the usage of it so what’s the official way to say “please please please with lot of suger on top!”?

  2. Ok, reverse engineering is something I want. I’ve only found 2 tools for that (external open source). Bouml and Argouml. Anything better out there?

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