Matchstick Graph Editor

Recently I created  a specialized graph editor for matchstick graphs like the Harboth graph. It is not a fancy application but it works:

Try it out and load the data of the harboth graph into your editor!

Question: What is the minimal 1, 2 and 3-degree-matchstick graph in 2D?


  • In a 3 degree graph every node has exactly 3 edges
  • It must be a planar graph (edges can only intersect at the nodes)
  • Length of each edge is the same
  • Be the first and link to your matchstick.dat file(s)
  • Think about solutions for 1, 2, 3 and 4 degree matchstick graphs in 3D (easier than 2D)

Prizes: Win Experience and be listed here as a winner 😉 !


Getting starting and done was easy and fast within some hours. But debugging and writing tests in JavaFX (1.2 or 1.3) with NetBeans is not that good as described earlier :-/

backlink to original article from karussell


5 thoughts on “Matchstick Graph Editor

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  3. funny that no one has replied.
    the way you characterize minimal matchstick graphs i’d say the empty graph is a viable answer for any degree.

  4. > funny that no one has replied

    I am nearly always talking to myself at this (my) blog so … well 😉

    > the way you characterize minimal matchstick graphs

    com’on, I could give a mathmatical definition here … but I hoped to got smart answers … aeh moment, your answer is smart 🙂

    but did you find solutions != empty graph?

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