Re: Firefox add-ons you should consider

This is a short blog post triggered by this post from Jonathan Giles. It is more a list of plugins I consider than what others should consider. But hopefully at least one plugin of interests is in the list. Feel free to comment, add your own favplug.

  • With All-in-One Sidebar you will have fast access to plugins and browser history etc … to get opera feeling on firefox
  • Add to search bar makes it easy to add any search (e.g. wolfram,, …) with on click to your quick search box
  • ScrapBook can take lots of notes and bookmarks (again like opera)
  • Firebug is the well known army knife for web developers
  • Mouse Gestures (again like opera)
  • Live HTTP headers interesting for developers
  • FoxyProxy could be interesting for your home office work or sth else