Css Design Contest

On the wicket mailing list they annouced a design contest. Read the email for more details:


Someone mentioned that we could have a better look & feel for wicket, since there are no designers in the core team. I proposed a contest, to make the coolest slickest css for wicket. So please feel free to apply.


your css should be compatible with the basic browsers, Firefox , IE , Safari etc. And retain heavy use of embedded js. And it should be a drop on, using existing id’s & hierachy for design.

Practical info:

The contest ends in 2 months April 2nd.

Get the wicket examples here:

If you need it you can put your css in svn at wicketstuff, write to this
list for details on howto get commit rights, you should add your css to
sandbox and sf user name (https://wicket-stuff.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wicket-stuff/sandbox/ ).

Yes as with all contest there is a prize, you can win the wicket t-shirt along with the honor if your css are the winner. This
or this
http://www.cafepress.com/apachewicket.317298083 depending on your age 🙂

Just reply to this thread to enter the contest.

Regards Nino on behalf of the Wicket People

To join the thread in the mailing list send a mail to