Why Twitter?

Some weeks ago I asked my self and some fellows: why should I ever use Twitter? Why? It seemed so senseless…

Now I have an account on twitter and I know it could be useful for me although I still think it is not necessary 😉

Here are the important points why you “can/should/must (not) use Twitter”:

  • Killing Time. Just browsing from one to another twitter guy (twopping?)
  • Getting news or better: getting instant news. Look around for those # characters!
  • Advertising yourself – its me! – or a product like TimeFinder!
  • Networking via following and followers. You can express interests with following others and show importance with a lot followers 😉
  • Communicating with individuals or see what people are talking about. If you follow people that are talking with each other, then you can follow their conversation easily by entering twitter.com. In this way you can organize communities etc
    Another important action is to post a tweet of somebody else again (“re-tweet”). With this method you can spread a nice/discussable idea or simple promote an idea of your friend.

Possible future usages:

  • Polling: you could write a client which parses your tweets for #topic+ or #topic-
    i.e. you can even use twitter to get instant poll results!
  • SysAdmin Tool
  • Other stuff with the Twitter API or directly from the developers.

What else?