Thunderbird 3! Wow!

It is amazing. I thought all is fine with version 2, but now I see that several things can get a lot better in  thunderbird 3!

@developers: Thanks a lot for this!

  1. Search looks very nice, is very very fast and is a pleasure to use. Easy navigating through the result set (is there a search engine under the hood? :-)).
    Here is a screenshot
  2. Fancy layout
  3. Inbox now is by default subdivided into the mailing accounts. no need for virtual folders
  4. Tab-Browsing (creating new mails won’t open in a new tab :-()
  5. See here for the full feature list!

PS: If you have problems with upgrading

Normally the following is not necessary… but for your convenience:

  • Email import / export => here
  • Calendar import / export => already there (go to the calendar->events+tasks->import or export)
  • Addressbook import / export => every list has to exported/imported alone