Link of Swing 2.0? And google collection description …

Just two links:

  • PureSwing Description taken from the homepage: PureSwing is Java GUI library with user API nearly identical to Swing GUI toolkit. It’s based on GNU Classpath’s reimplementation of Java Swing classes.

    • See the homepage for a feature overview! It is more a “removing overview” 😉 e.g.: removed AWT dependency!
    • Joining the project is very easy: just send in the patch and if it’s good it will be commited.
    • License: PureSwing is distributed under GPLv2+ with Classpath exception (allows linking with proprietary programs). This license is effectivelly less restrictive than LGPL, …
    • There is support for NetBeans GUI builder

    Size for version 20091025: 2.1 MB (core); 2.8 MB (dependencies)

  • Google collections overview