VL Docking and other window docking managers for Java

Maybe you already know it;

there are several docking managers and since April 2009 (3.0) you can include VL Docking for free even in commercial applications, because its LGPL!

The good thing about VL Docking is (and of MyDoggy by the way …)  that it is well integrated into the Spring RC project.

More information about VL Docking

All Java docking managers

(look here for an old list)

Inactive projects

  • SwingDocking seems to me fully functional and fast; Apache license 2
  • XUI will be further developed here?; MPL; 1.6 MB (XUI-jdk15.zip)
  • JDocking CDDL; 1.3 MB (v0.8.zip) the docking part of netbeans
  • FlexDock MIT; only jar’s: 0.5 MB
  • JRichClient GPL; derivation of flexdock

Please let me know if you know other libraries which support ‘window docking’.


4 thoughts on “VL Docking and other window docking managers for Java

  1. I use DockingFrames, and until recently had regular mails with the maintainer. It’s very much an active project. Looking at the repository, you can see commits in the last 2 weeks, and the guy release fairly often.

  2. Hi,

    I just released another Java docking manager. 🙂 I wrote this a year ago – at the time, Google searches were only turning up docking managers with restrictive licenses or hard to use code bases. If I only waited a month or two, I might have discovered myDoggy.

    Anyhow, it’s called Raven Docking, has an Apache 2 license, and is part of a larger project. Not sure if you want to add it to your list or not:


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