Java tips on Twitter

Do you have tips on the core Java language?

Just post them after ‘#javatip‘  like I did to make them searchable for some days (called ‘Trending Topics’).

Of course you could do the same for other languages or even frameworks: #rubytip, #railstip, #grailstip, #wickettip, …

A tip should be an important or interesting fact about that specific topic. E.g. it can include

  • problems and their solution (FAQ)
  • performance tips

It should not include (e.g. in the case of #javatip), to keep the search phrase xytip as clean as possible

  • news on a java library or webframework
  • news on the jvm (of course stuff for the language itself is good …)
  • and of course no advertising/spam

So a tip is more an already known fact about that topic which could be good to spread …