Swing Talks (video and slides available)

Maybe you already know that at parleys they put some nice presentations.

Especially the talk Spring is Swinging from Jo Wyns was impressive to me, where he talks about the Spring Rich Client project.

The presentation seems to be an old one (where is the date??), but it is even today a hot theme: rich desktop applications with database access (or internet connection). He concludes his talk with a tip, when to stop or when is is a bit too far. I think with too far he means projects like the metaframeworks I talked about earlier. And maybe this is true: in commercial applications nearly always you will need to customize views etc. then the simple “annotated domain object”-approach will only work for the first rapid prototype.

Have fun with this talk and with the related talks (here or here).


2 thoughts on “Swing Talks (video and slides available)

  1. Hi Peter,
    thanks for your review of my talk.
    Indeed, the talk is an old one. I think it was 2005 or something.
    But the ideas are still very actual.

    To come back to your remark: I believe we already went 2 steps too far in this framework. People were trying to ban all real application code, for every request the tendency was to extend the framework, to push it in the spring-xml. Since then, I banned to word “framework” from my vocabulary. All framework tend to go and live on their own.

    I am convinced that architects should be trained not to build frameworks,
    but to push to use “naked code” instead.


  2. Hi Jo,

    nice that you posted some details on this subject. Now that I have a chance to speak with sb. who knows some details 🙂 I have some questions:

    What did you mean with “naked code”?
    Did you mean, that sometimes it could be better to avoid encapsulating everything into the framework?
    (Ala rails? “make common task quick+simple and difficult tasks possible”)

    It would be very interesting to me if you are implementing at the moment with spring rich client or if the development has stopped in your company for this.
    Do you think that other RIA libraries (aka ‘frameworks’ ;-)) like NetBeans, Eclipse, Silverlight, Flex, … would have been a better choice? Or even a webframework like rails?

    And how did you solve the database access over http? Via spring remote/web services/hessian or via ssh tunneling or sth. like that?


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