Test All Browsers Under Almost One Operating System

For professional website development it is necessary to test the application under the major browsers. I will not decide which browsers the major ones are. Instead you can “install” all browser at one time under the latest Ubuntu:

  1. If you have Ubuntu you already have access to Firefox, Konqueror and Opera
  2. Now install VirtualBox and  a Windows of you choice (installation of Novell Silverlight fails under my ubuntu version :-()
    1. Now you can install Microsoft Silverlight under Windows
    2. Go to xenocode then you can install InternetExplorer 6,7 and 8. Plus the Mac Os browser Safari
      The cool thing about xenocode is that you can have several different versions of IE installed (and even all the others)

View the results in the picture below:


From left to right: Firefox 3, Opera 9.6, Konqueror 4.2, IE 7, IE 8 and Safari 3

So, even if the side is only a static one like my timefinder side not all browser display it correctly (konqueror fails …)

Have fun to try your application under all the funky browsers out there …