Applications for Ubuntu

Hopefully at least one of the listed tools can be of use for your linux installation. The following application normally do not need a lot of configuration:

  • opera – the most innovative browser
  • kate – the best graphical editor. Even with block selection (enable/disable via CTRL+SHIFT+B)
  • kdirstat – get an overview of your hard disc usage
  • liferea –  a better blogbridge?
  • kpowersave – worked for my Dell E6400 (save to disk and save to ram)
  • gnome-power-manager – can show the enery usage and battery state over time! really useful!
  • VirtualBox – hosts windows xp like a charm
  • amarok – mp3, podcasts, internetradio, …
  • totem – watch videos and search youtube videos with this application
  • gimp and inkscape for your graphics
  • k3b, grip and k9copy for your cd/dvd burnings
  • openoffice and latex (with kile) for your documents
  • and last but not least: TimeFinder 😉 an open source timetable optimizer for universities and schools

Now I list some apps where you can tweak a little bit:

  • WindowMaker my favourite window manager. Some things should be enhanced to be usable by a wider audience.
    • you will need to configure a shortcut for hiding all windows
    • you have to tweak a lot of things… maybe I should put this into a separate post 😉
  • konqueror
    • I changed the view to details and saved this for all folders
    • To change that konqueror selects a folder on the first click (double click to  open it) you can change it in the following dialog even under gnome: kcmshell4 mouse
    • if you type fish://user@ you can use it as a graphical scp client
  • thunderbird
    • you should install enigmail and lightning. The latter one you can install via sudo apt-get install lightning-extension
    • import/export mails
    • open urls with opera via adding or changing the following lines in a file ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/<profile>/prefs.js user_pref(“”,”/usr/bin/opera”);

Here are some applications for development

  • kdesvn – the best subversion client I ever used. Works even for large repositories (>2GB) … unlike Tortoise for win.
  • netbeans – the best IDE, install java before
  • squirrel-sql – the best database editor
  • konsole – the best command line
  • joe – the best command line editor (but not on every linux box available unlike vi)

BTW: ‘best’ does not mean that there are other good tools. Feel free to post your application stack as a comment or you can create your stack here.


2 thoughts on “Applications for Ubuntu

  1. Some of my favorites not on that list:
    – Firefox: web developer plugin (live CSS editing, HTTP headers, etc)
    – Qcad for technical drawings
    – xchat for irc
    – kolourpaint to edit screenshots fast & simple

  2. Hi Goeffrey!

    thanks for this hints! I will try if kolourpaint is more intuitiv than gimp (this should not be difficult ;-))
    Another more freaky app for technical drawings with latex export is xfig 😉 (with latex export) but I am very happy with inkscape at the moment (I really like the intuitive usage), but now I will try qcad.

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