NetBeans 6.7 finally released

Since today the final version of NetBeans 6.7 can be downloaded here. And do not forget to look here for a feature overview.

If you tried the release candidates of 6.7 you will welcome all the new features! Great work! Where can we donate?

The first impressions of this release for me as a NetBeans user are:

  • seems to use less memory
  • imported the settings of 6.5 with no problems
  • you can now simply install plugins of a previous installation. this is especially useful if the plugin is not available from the update center.
  • maven is now integrated (no need to install it as plugin)
  • you can view maven dependencies graphically (like eclipse already had). See below. And: there is a new button “Build with dependencies” in the right-click-on-project-menu.
  • interrupting maven execution is now possible
  • now test cases execute a lot faster for mavenized projects
  • executing one test via CTRL+F6 instead SHIFT+F6, so that you can execute the corresponding test even if only the java class file is open. (CTRL+SHIFT+F6 for debug test file)
  • all tests (java, ruby, …) happen in the same tab and several search tabs are possible now
  • if you open a resource with ALT+SHIFT+O a case insensitive string now works a friend told me that this was already the case for him earlier than 6.7 … hhmhh …
  • Synchronize Editor With Views -> “The project explorer will then snap to the file currently being edited” (taken from here)
  • some small issues remains:
    • cannot open the source file if you click on the failed test output (and only if you execute the tests of one project)
    • if you miss a static import e.g. import static org.junit.Assert.*; the auto fixing does not add this.

Unit tests


Maven dependencies


But the cool thing here is that clicking e.g. on spring core shows you all the possible paths to it and grays out all the unimportant


see some comments on JavaLobby


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