Embed JavaFX 1.2 into Swing with JFXtras ?

If you read through the comments of Amy Fowler’s Blogentry (nice post by the way)
steveonjava posted the following news:

“We are releasing a SceneToJComponent class that makes it easy to embed JavaFX Scenes in Swing applications as a part of the JFXtras 0.5 release. The final release will come out in a few days, but for now you can try out the beta here

Hopefully this is a reliable method which will work for the next javafx version too 🙂

Thanks for making this possible!


4 thoughts on “Embed JavaFX 1.2 into Swing with JFXtras ?

  1. THANK YOU, for this article and to the JFXtra’s project. I’ve been able to Embed JavaFX v1.2 Scene’s in Java with a little more flexibility with the JavaFX Class/Scene also implementing a Java Interface. This will expose the JavaFX object as a POJO to the Java (Swing) Application, and they can talk to each other nicely.

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