Shine J2EE Framework = Crime 2.0 Framework ?

I highly recommend to read this article:

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After this you surely will be a sceptical about open source projects being the number one 😉

The web site of shine is still available, but nearly all other things were removed from sourceforge.


One thought on “Shine J2EE Framework = Crime 2.0 Framework ?

  1. Shine Enterprise Java Pattern
    Shine Enterprise Java Pattern has been developed for variety of application. This pattern has these parts:
    • Maplet: a framework for doing web projects which are coincidence with MVC architecture. This framework helps developers to follow a standard pattern for developing a web application. Maplet helps developers to save time of developing and extending.
    • JShooter: a framework that makes reflects oriented programming an easy job for developers. Meanwhile it helps distributing application on the network.
    • JConnection: This package helps developers to work with JDBC and Hibernate easier than before.
    • Util: This package helps developers in these subjects:
    1- File System
    2- Runtime
    3- Compiler
    4- System Information
    5- Web Socket
    6- MD5
    7- Thread
    8- Validation
    9- XML Parsing
    10- Web uploading

    refer to and read more

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