JavaOne Schedule is out – create your own with TimeFinder

Today I realized that the schedule for the JavaOne 2009 is out (4 days starting from June 2nd). So I grabbed the data from this table and created a new menu entry in my TimeFinder application to import all the talks and get a feeling of how the overall timetable would look. If you build the latest version from source you can create your own schedule for JavaOne – contact me if you need assistance.

Update: Start TimeFinder here. This an alpha version where the JavaOne Import is included.

Update: Click here for a flash video.

If I would be the host I would let the people pre-enrol them before the conference starts. So that the schedule could be optimized with TimeFinder. Then a lot more people could attend what they like.

I do not attend the conference (although I would like) but this could be my schedule (a lot of conflicts, uhm):


Another cool thing about TimeFinder is that you can see easily the timetable of a lot persons or rooms. E.g. in the JavaOne example you can see which other talks one speaker has – e.g. Sean Brydon from Sun Microsystems, Inc. has the following timetable:


Update: I really forgot to publish the javaOne ‘overview’ ;-):





8 thoughts on “JavaOne Schedule is out – create your own with TimeFinder

  1. The schedule looks impresive!!

    BTW, did you use some sort of script to import the data into TimeFinder?

    Best regards,

    • Thanks for your quick reply,

      I’ve tried compiling the milestonepre1 branch and found some problems regarding JavaOneInterval (setters StartDateTime and EndDateTime not availble). Right now I’m in a hurry, but will try later on.


  2. Please revert to revision 490 or check this revision out again.
    Then it compiled on my system with ‘mvn clean install’ under branches/milestonepre1/

    Then you can start de.timefinder.planner.TimeFinderPlanner (planner package) to test the planner or start (core package). Adjust the sessions_catalog.j1 file within this class to your needs.

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