Good Java(FX) Programmer Known?

I am looking for Java and JavaFX developers for my open source timefinder project – a program for automatically optimizing the timetable for students e.g. at the high school.

The intend for this post is an idea of a component where I can see the timetable of several persons or even rooms. This component should be nice – so I tried out the NetBeans graph library and I tried JavaFX (choose what you like for that task). Here is a stub created with Matisse:


In Java there are some calendar implementations:


For JavaFX I found this here. And for drag and drop support one can use sth. like this here.

The developer who like to help will get no salary, but a lot of new knowledge and support from myself. The resource component should display the current timetable and the calculated one. So that the human timetabler could choose the right. See e.g. Outlook/Lightning for a client side timetable ‘managers’.

Now a list of some ideas for the resource component follows:

  • fish eye view, that means: items near the mouse are bigger! (or introduce another magnifier like this here)
  • Implement a ‘grid’ for the timeslots (day horizontal, time vertical or horizontal) The resources will be on y axis and the days will be on x axis. The hours of a day can be either on x axis OR on y axis. The switch shouldbe easy. (Button or sth. else)
  • The planner should be a separate library, so that it can be used from any other program as a library. The only dependency should be on the* classes.
  • It should be easy to go to the next/previous day, week or year. (Button or sth. else)
  • Different modes should be possible:
    • view
    • edit
    • print (shrink size to a minimum, only important stuff!)
    • export to pdf
    • export to html.
  • Events with small duration should be handled (they will be very small!).
  • Drag and drop to change starttime and duration in edit mode.
  • Selection of one event will color all events in the group grey
  • Handle overlapping events. So it is possible to circulate with Page Up/Down over the overlapping to see all events under the selected one, i.e. put the next available event on the top. Introduce a z axis for every event?
  • The resource list on the x axis should be filterable (or sortable) against the resource type: person, room etc.Searchable planner against event names and properties
  • see ganttproject, openproj, lightning, outlook, zimbra, …

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  2. Currently there are a lot of todos. If you want to help developing just download the source and try to get it running with maven2:

    Therefor you have to manually install mydoggy, because version 1.5.0
    isn’t out now. See the mydoggy section here:

    Email me if you have problems: peat_hal ‘at’ users ‘dot’ sourceforge ‘dot’ net

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