Metaframeworks to create UI from model easily or automatically

For my project at the University Bayreuth (AI4) I need a Java framework which makes it easy to create the UI from the domain classes. So that we can easily add new ‘things’ and have not to worry about the changes to the UI. At the moment we use JSF (myfaces) and hibernate.

There are several projects out there, which could replace our technology. I found the following:

Here are some more project. Please let me know if you know other candidates.


6 thoughts on “Metaframeworks to create UI from model easily or automatically

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  2. Thanks for your interest in Metawidget. I think Metawidget should be well suited to your chosen architecture of JSF and Hibernate.

    I’d really appreciate hearing how you go.



  3. Does it mean that I do not have to switch the technology? In my case I have JSF via myfaces. Or do I need to switch to the ref. impl of Sun?

    BTW: Are the names (table-form, table-label-column and table-component-column) of example above Figure 1.12 components which will be populated from metawidget?

    And does it mean that I can (in theory) deploy an application to a server (e.g. JSF), run it as desktop app (Swing) and from mobile (android)? All from the same codebase?
    Which is the best supported framework?

    Where can I find an example how I can use hibernate or JPA within metawidget?

  4. Thanks for replying.

    1. Yes, An important goal of Metawidget is that you do not have to switch your technology. Both MyFaces and Mojarra are supported, and also JBoss RichFaces, and it is easy to add your own (say, ADF).

    2. No, the names table-form, table-label-column and table-component-column are just optional CSS classes. You can tell the JSF Metawidget tag to decorate the output with them, and then style them as usual.

    3. Yes. The distribution includes a sample (the Address Book application) that targets JSF, Swing and Android all from the same codebase. Not the EXACT same codebase, mind, as Metawidget takes advantage of each platform’s unique features and does not try to ‘own’ the UI.

    4. Yes. The Address Book example demonstrates using JPA within Metawidget. There are also a few Seam examples (Booking, Groovy Booking, DVD Store) that do the same.



  5. Hmmm… maybe zk could be added to the list? ( )
    UI is described by XML, hibernate-(and many other technologies-)integration is possible (and quite simple), as long as I know it is also possible to integrate widgets with JSF.

    I’m overally happy with this framework, the only thing which stops me from using it on my clients is the license: if you release it under the GPL you’re ok, if you want to use it commercially you have to pay (although understandable that they try to make money).

    But I don’t know exactly if it fits for your needs.

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