Taboo-breaker: 10 Hints for Reducing the Pain in Your Hands

  1. Use a splitted/ergonomic keyboard to reduce the bending of the wrist (I could recommed you a relative cheap one). And place the keyboard in the correct high, so that the elbow forms a right angle (or more than 90°). Avoid steep angle of the keyboard – see picture below where I used an additional stick in the front to flatten the angle. And don’t forget to sit in a correct position.
  2. Some people have better results with ordenary, thick keyboards, but some with thin
  3. Prefer skype or telephon over emails and use voice recognition for emails
  4. Use pads before the keyboard to put your thumb and your ball of the thumb there (and your elbows). But don’t use these pads while active writing. Avoid too high armrests – they should be adjustable.
  5. Use a joystick or an other mouse replacements if you have problems with the right index finger or arm. And if you have money you could buy a tablet pc (or palms that support handwriting recognition)
  6. Avoid cold hands e.g. use cropped gloves
  7. If you have to implement an algorithm use a pencil and a paper (and you brain of course) for the initial version
  8. Hack into the keyboard like a pianist (not ‘pressing’ but accelerate your fingers before) and avoid long nails (I guess the most programmers havn’t this problem ;-))
  9. Streching and relaxation of arms and hands (thumb!) every hour. While this procedure you should relax your eyes and you could use a finger trainer from guitarists.
  10. Less programming i.e. read a good book or look videos/DvDs or meet your friends in reality 😉