Timetabling Software List for Universities, Schools, …

Do you want to know which timetabling software is on the market?

Then you can visit my page to find open source, freeware and commercial solutions for the timetabling problem. Keep in mind that I am the author of the Open Source (free) timetabling software TimeFinder.

This list contains at the moment only software with automatical optimization algorithms:
5 open source, 4 freeware and 20 commercial tools for timetabling.

Do not hesitate to contact me or post a comment here for any new suggestions etc.

2 thoughts on “Timetabling Software List for Universities, Schools, …

  1. I am interested in developing a timetable scheduling using 0-1 integer programing (operation research area). What is ur algorithm based on..? Can i have ur email so that we would be able to talk more in this matter.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Rajitha,

    A solution via integer programming is possible. At the University of Bayreuth they developed something working for this case. (of course I don’t know for the special case of “0-1”)

    My algorithm is an heuristic, but it is based on the Hungarian Algorithm for room-to-event assignment. Additionally it uses a ‘dynamically’ simulated annealing method, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_algorithm and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulated_annealing

    For more information look here (note: the email mentioned there isn’t working anymore):

    Click to access description-no-collision-principle.pdf

    or an example could be found here:
    (note, that the latest source of the algorithm is in timefinder repository:

    In the last year this algorithm was changed so that events with duration > 1 could be handled too.


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