Mavenized projects in NetBeans 6.1

Some weeks ago I mavenized timefinder to allow developers coding in other IDEs than NetBeans. I am new to all the maven stuff, but NetBeans 6.1 support is good (I have not compared it e.g. to eclipse :-/)

Now I explored a really great feature within NetBeans: you can resolve dependencies very easy: hit ALT+Enter. For example:

and hit "Search Dependency at Maven Repository".

Then choose a repository and hit add. After installing the jar in your local maven repository you will be able to resolve this particular dependency via CTRL+SHIFT+I. That’s it!

One big problems remains: you cannot profile maven projects. So, I thought it would be good to create a separate ‘pure’ NetBeans-Project where I link the source which are already used from the mavenized project. But this isn’t allowed! I don’t know why. So I hacked it under linux. This is straightforward:

create symbolic links from the pure-netbeans project to the mavenized one!

go into the ‘pure’ NetBeans-Project ‘mkdir source && cd source’  then type:

ln -s ../../../timefinder-core/src/main/resources/ core-res
ln -s ../../../timefinder-core/src/main/java/ core-src
ln -s ../../../timefinder-core/src/test/resources/ core-test-res
ln -s ../../../timefinder-core/src/test/java/ core-test-src

After this step right click the pure-project and add the source and test folders to the project

One more reason to do this is that compilation (clean & build; without tests) and
starting (until the first log statement) are slower with mavenized projects.
In my simple project with approx. 100 files you get with jdk 1.6:
     pure project compilation: max. 3 sec
mavenized project compilation: > 15 sec
             pure project run: max. 1 sec
        mavenized project run: > 4 sec

That's why I like the eclipse approach of mvn eclipse:eclipse 😉 but this has other disadvantages ...


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