Canon ip 4200 under linux

My experiences under linux with the canon printer are great. Installation works like it is described in the manual for Suse 10.0 (I tried it only for 10.1).

One strange thing you have to know under linux, if you refilled the printer. The printer will stop printing if it was refilled. One button of the printer will blink, which normally indicates missing paper, so I was confused that pressing on the button does not help. So, what was wrong?

You have to press the button a long time (5 seconds or so). This way Canon makes sure you read the message (which will pop up under windows only) and you confirm that you will lost the warranty with that action.

Nice, isn’t it? Hmmh …

The installation of your canon ip4200 printer under kubuntu 8.04.1

looks like described here.

I will try to translate it into English now:

  • Download the tar file (with rpms) from this site.
  • sudo alien -c cnijfilter-common-2.60-1.i386.rpm cnijfilter-ip4200-2.60-1.i386.rpm
    You should get the following info:
    “cnijfilter-common_2.60-2_i386.deb generated
    cnijfilter-ip4200_2.60-2_i386.deb generated”
  • Now install the transformed packages:
    sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-common_2.60-2_i386.deb
    sudo dpkg -i cnijfilter-ip4200_2.60-2_i386.deb
  • Restarting cups should give you an okay:
    sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart
  • The driver file is located at: /usr/share/cups/model/canonip4200.ppd
    Specify this while configuring your printer in KMenu->Systemeinstellungen (Systemproperties?)->Printer
    Define it as standard printer
  • Now you can install an additional program to see more details of your printer:
    sudo apt-get install escputil

The clue about this installation is that you have more options in resolution and color models than in Suse 10.1