Real Time Editing with Eclipse and NetBeans

Do you know what real time editing is?

No, then look at this fantastic video to see this feature in Eclipse.

Or browse through this tutorial. It is really great.

I love NetBeans. So is there something similar for NetBeans? Yes! There is a collaboration plugin, but I tried it for myself and, sorry, it is really bad.

Update: You need a private server and then it should work

Here you have my bug list:

  • if I remove a contact, it will be listed the next login
  • if a disconnection happens then one can choose ‘don’t show this dialog again’. This does not work

So the previous bugs are not bad. But then when I tried it with a developer (of it is only useable for a normal chat, because:

  • the editor will not being updated (after some minutes)!??
  • if you remotely execute the program you will do it several times, because you won’t get a feedback, wether starting was successful. thats awful.

But please proof me wrong and contact me via

  • Install the Developer Collaboration plugin in NetBeans 6.1 via: MenuBar->Tools->Plugins
  • Follow this collab-instructions. It is important to use the server: and then add timefinder or peatar to your conversations.

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