NetBeans of the year 2010

I am really happy with NetBeans 6.0, but through my usage of other IDEs I noticed that there could be even more features in NetBeans. Namely:

  1. Spell-checking while editing. I know that there is an existing module. But the module isn’t in the final release! (And nbextras is down.)
  2. Serial Version Generator. Even here is an existing modul. But as always I would prefer that a working version will be shipped with the IDE.
  3. A simple binding of an ant-task to a menu entry (to define keyboard shortcuts). E.g. Provide a ‘Create new menu from ant-task’- wizard.
  4. Formatting of several files. E.g. via right clicking on a package->Tools->Formatting.
  5. Searching through keyboard shortcuts should be possible.
  6. One should be able to select specific moduls for the update process. And the process should be done in background.

I know that there is an issue tracker for NetBeans. And here is a quite extensive list. But I want to discuss wether these features are important and if you have suggestions for further improvements. Please do not only mention things that other IDE’s can do.

Instead we should think about a NetBeans of the year 2010 like other people did here and here. (Keep your eyes on the date in both posts!)


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