Java’s Success on the International Timetabling Competition 2007/08

It is really amazing! Thomas Müller is the definitive winner of the International Timetabling Competition 2007/08. Although the group from Japan (Atsuta et al.) was nearly as successful.


It is really nice to see that Mr. Müller and Atsuta et al. had success in all three kinds of problems. The great thing about Thomas Müller’s effort is that his solver is open source (LGPL) and its written in Java! Here you can download it.

The goal of the competition was to solve different timetabling problems with an optimization routine. If you don’t know what timetabling is please look here for a definition of School timetabling at wikipedia. For more information on a special type of optimization look here for tabu search.

I know that it was really hard to achieve these good solutions, because I took part without success in track 2 (with my own little project).