Ruby 4 Java Programmers and Extreme Test Driven Development

Ruby 4 Java Programmers

I thought Ruby is just another language like Java to express things in a different syntax, but now I know that I was wrong. Look into these old, but really nice slides I discovered yesterday:

Let me know some other good articles about ruby!

Now I understand the ‘ruby hype’ a little bit better. Thank you Jim Weirich!

Extreme Test Driven Development

Did you write unit tests? Do you actually write unit tests?

Do you like TDD? If not then look here!

But what about these lines that are untested? Do you know them? Do you actually need them? Maybe you don’t need them, then you should have a look at this tool! It will remove all the untested code!

To discuss the political incorrect name of the project please feel free to post your opinion here.

Do you want to create decoupled unit tests? Then have a look at this tool, which uses the SecurityManager to ensure this!

You want to know if your unit tests are subtle enough? Try out jester! “It modifies your source code, runs the tests and reports if the tests pass despite the changes to the code. This can indicate missing tests or redundant code.” taken from the sourceforge mainpage of jester.