Standard Timetabling Format

Today I will again promote my timetabling project 😉

To recreate a new Java-based Timetable Suite called TimeFinder some people and I want to create a standard timetabling format before going further.

Today I released a new draft 0.3 of this discussion with an example xml file that was created with the xml copy editor:

Excerpt of draft 0.3 of the standard timetabling format

Therefore I had to use Relax NG and I will use relaxer: to create Java classes from it. For more information on this subject see my blog about Relax NG.

The format should help to improve interoperation of open source, university and commercial timetabling applications. To my knowledge all applications use different formats. The only wider accepted standard is TTML, but it gets complicated for the ‘normal’ developer and unusable for the user. Taken from here there they said:
Perhaps, the main reason these languages have not been adopted as standard is that
they offer no advantages to the user over any traditional programming language.
These idealistic languages do not simplify the modelling process, and can even be
restrictive in that they do not have all the features of a modern programming
language, are overly complicated or appear cumbersome.

For the latest information of the progress of the ‘Timetabling Standard Format’ visit the discussion here and look at the TimeFinder project.