For my diploma thesis in physics I had to create an A0 poster in OpenOffice (OO) to present the work on the dpg (german physicist association) in berlin. This was easy, but some things were annoying. E.g. the formulas are pictures and not integrated in the text. But I like the formula editor, which is better than in comparable office suites.

And I decided against e.g. scribus, because inserting formulas is not possible at the moment you can only import them via pdf’s created by latex. BTW: you have to do this via ‘import picture’!.

OO is really powerful: importing various formats, supports a lot of character types and you could create pictures or sketches within OO. I didn’t do that because the pictures in the latex-thesis itself has to be .eps files. The exported .eps files from OO weren’t readable. (Why?) So, I did it with inkscape – a wunderful and intuitive vector graphics tool I think.

Here a small picture of the result:

Poster (Top)

Poster (Left)