Update 19.12.2007:

There is a developer version available. Look here.

Update 18.08.2008:

I will collect some links here about the discussion that java 6 is missing on Mac OS X:

What could be the reasons?

  • Apple is lazy or
  • Apple has no money for this or
  • Apple wants to hinder java gaining more popularity (They want to push their Flash etc.) or
  • The best developer platform ? 😉 Why else ???

Now java 1.6 is not platform independend. We could post an issue in a java bug database …

Apple even removes threads about this in its developer forum.

And then they say sth. like Why you will love developing on Mac OS X… (http://www.apple.com/macosx/developer/)

  • That amazing! I googled (against 13949712720901ForOSX) on 03. November and I found 6 entries. Today (04.11) I found more than 300 !

You can try the following jdk1.6 versions (No garanty for this, they should work for mac os x 10.5 ?):