Bird’s Eye View on ElasticSearch its Query DSL

I’ve copied the whole post into a gist so that you can simply clone, copy and paste the important stuff and even could contribute easily. Several times per month there pop up questions regarding the query structure on the ElasticSearch user group. Although there are good docs explaining this in depth probably the bird view … Continue reading

Jetslide uses ElasticSearch as Database

GraphHopper – A Java routing engine karussell ads This post explains how one could use the search server ElasticSearch as a database. I’m using ElasticSearch as my only data storage system, because for Jetslide I want to avoid maintenance and development time overhead, which would be required when using a separate system. Be it NoSQL, … Continue reading

Introducing Jetslide News Reader

Update: is no longer online. Checkout the projects snacktory and jetwick which were used in jetslide. We are proud to announce the release of our Jetslide News Reader today! We know that there are a lot services aggregating articles from your twitter timeline such as the really nice or But as a … Continue reading