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TimeFinder Documentation 2009-v1

Installation To run TimeFinder Java1.6 is necessary. If you not already have it then get it from here. To download and install TimeFinder click on this link. The java web-start engine downloads now the necessary jar files (21MB). After this was successful (it should be ;-)) you have to confirm the execution. Another option is … Continue reading

TimeFinder released – An open source timetabler

This week I released the first public version (2009-v1) of my open source project called TimeFinder. Although it is an alpha quality software it could be useful for schools (and universities). There are limitations! But today I will list the features only ;-) All interested users can try it out, comment the functionality and provide … Continue reading

Good Java(FX) Programmer Known?

I am looking for Java and JavaFX developers for my open source timefinder project – a program for automatically optimizing the timetable for students e.g. at the high school. The intend for this post is an idea of a component where I can see the timetable of several persons or even rooms. This component should … Continue reading