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Plugable Spring RC? (OSGi with Spring Rich Client)

My last post was about pure Swing, which could be easily OSGified. OSGi technologie can be e.g. used to hotdeploy or undeploy jar files to your application server (at the moment only Spring’s server is suggested) or simply to update your Swing application at runtime or write plugins for them. I don’t know for sure, … Continue reading

Integrate MyDoggy in Spring Rich Client 1.0.0

I did some basic introduction to SpringRC here and here. Now it is time to leave the basics and hack into the details of the ‘gui architecture’ in Spring RC 1.0.0. So this more technical article is not really important for the ‘normal developer’ – only those who want to integrate its own docking framework. … Continue reading

Spring DI via Java configuration. No XML!

In picocontainer you have only one option: configure your beans with pure Java code. Thats what I want. Because it is type safe and all major IDE will easily refactor this code later if necessary. Then, with nanocontainer, it is even possible to write the configuration code in scripting languages. In Spring you normally hook … Continue reading

Spring Rich Client – Part 2

Let us do some more basics with the “Spring Rich Client” 1.0.0 (SpringRC). Although it is time to give an overview of the entire architecture I won’t do this here, because I am a newbie with Spring and SpringRC. So we will just look into the steps how we get things running. Update: See an … Continue reading

Dependency Injection – 3 Questions!

Normally the reason why I write blogs is to inform other people about interesting things I found or I am thinking about. Today I will ask some questions and wait for your answer ;-) One of my latest posts was about the spring rich client. Because of this project and picocontainer I read a lot … Continue reading

Spring Rich Client – Part 1

Today I will start a series about the great Swing framework called Spring Rich Client (SRC). The 1.0.0 version was released in March 2008 and it is not inactive as I thought before. You can get more information about SRC from: the forum the German documentation or the English documentation. Update: other links and Part2 … Continue reading

Eclipse and Spring in Small Doses

Introduction Today I will write about a tutorial for spring and eclipse beginners. The original ‘Spring in Small Doses’ was posted here from Tiago Brito Spindola. Because I never really used eclipse I will try to describe additional steps, which will be necessary for eclipse newbies and I hope someone could benefit from it.I am … Continue reading