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NetBeans 6.7 finally released

Since today the final version of NetBeans 6.7 can be downloaded here. And do not forget to look here for a feature overview. If you tried the release candidates of 6.7 you will welcome all the new features! Great work! Where can we donate? The first impressions of this release for me as a NetBeans … Continue reading

NetBeans = Best Maven IDE?

Today I want show what is possible with Maven 2.0.9 in NetBeans 6.5 and what makes me nervous. First of all you have to download NetBeans and then the Maven plugin: Click Tools->Plugins->Available Plugins. I recommend to install the command line of maven and then set the ‘connection’ to the local repository in NetBeans: Tools->Options->Miscellaneous->Maven->Local … Continue reading

2 Scripts to Make JavaFX + NetBeans Available on Linux

All the code comes from here and here. It worked for me, although I had to ignore 2 exceptions after this. Update: JavaFX 1.0 only! See the first comment! So first run: mkdir javafxnbms cd javafxnbms wget wget wget wget wget wget wget wget wget wget … Continue reading

NetBeans 6.5 released

Look here to download the release and here for all the new features. If you are looking for the early access version for phyton development click here.

Good CSS introduction and editors

There are a lot of docs out about css. Yesterday I found a really useful one – with examples. You will find it here. And I found the following css editors: list of editors StyleAssistant Web Developer for firefox and even NetBeans does the job (with xml, html, java, … editors) Do you user other … Continue reading

My stony way to find a ruby on the rails

Ruby is a great language. All can be expressed so short and readable. That’s one side. The other side is: you have to learn a lot of exceptions to common stuff that you already learned in another languages (In my case Java). So today I will explain things where it took me a lot of … Continue reading

Mavenized projects in NetBeans 6.1

Some weeks ago I mavenized timefinder to allow developers coding in other IDEs than NetBeans. I am new to all the maven stuff, but NetBeans 6.1 support is good (I have not compared it e.g. to eclipse :-/) Now I explored a really great feature within NetBeans: you can resolve dependencies very easy: hit ALT+Enter. … Continue reading