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Longest Common Substring Algorithm in Java

For jetwick I needed yet another string algorithm and stumbled over this cool and common problem: trying to find the longest substring of two strings. Be sure that you understand the difference to the LC sequence problem. For example if we have two strings: Please, peter go swimming! and I’m peter goliswi The algorithm should … Continue reading

3D Rotation in Gimp

Erstelle eine zusätzliche transparente Ebene Selektiere nun die Ebene die 3D rotiert werden soll Gehe zu Filter->Abbilden->Auf Objekt Abbilden Wähle auf Quader abbilden Klicke ‘transparenter Hintergrund’ Gehe zu Tab ‘Quader’. Eine Seite bekommt Ebene aus dem 1. Schritt. Alle anderen bekommen die Ebene aus dem 2. Schritt. Gehe zu Ausrichtung->Rotation und verändere wie gewünscht  

Re: Firefox add-ons you should consider

This is a short blog post triggered by this post from Jonathan Giles. It is more a list of plugins I consider than what others should consider. But hopefully at least one plugin of interests is in the list. Feel free to comment, add your own favplug. With All-in-One Sidebar you will have fast access … Continue reading

Update: Shame on Sourceforge?

This is an update of a previous post. Cool: Sourceforge now gives the leader of each project the choice to allow certain countries or not. So, if you are a project leader do the following like I did for timefinder: login -> Project Admin -> Export Controls -> this project does NOT incorporate … Read … Continue reading

Shame on Sourceforge?

Sourceforge restricts access from some more ‘evil’ countries. Read more here. This violates Open Source Initiative: “5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups The license must not discriminate against any person or group of persons.” And if the license must not restrict this, the distributor shouldn’t as well! Its free software and not US software! … Continue reading